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06/18/2012 - LIVE, LOCAL, LOUD

By Jaime Brackeen

One of the best concerts at which I have found myself present in recent weeks had about 20 attendees in a sweltering basement under an old church. Not everyone's typical idea of a good time, but stay with me on this one.

Last Saturday I took my nightcap at the Dragonfly Lounge in support of some talented local acts and local record label, Mine, All Mine! (MAM) Records. Found beneath church-turned-Italian-bistro, Bellini's on East Washington Ave., the DF Lounge has a more dimly-lit speakeasy quality than that of a basement where at one point there may or may not have been a plethora of pancake breakfasts.

The night's lineup consisted of three Madison-based bands and one opener from Kalamazoo, Mich. Dakotas represented the first Madison band of brothers (literally, two of the members are brothers) to take the stage, and they played a blaring set of American rock highly reminiscent of The Strokes circa Room on Fire.

Next up, Ferdinand the Bull put on a thundering performance despite one missing member. A fusion of keys, guitar and pounding drums, Ferdinand the Bull put on a raucous performance complete with a dance-off boasting a pass to the upcoming Lost City Music Festival as prize. Coincidentally enough, yours truly ended up going home with the goods--let me tell you, the Twist will get you far when lacking additional dance moves.

TL; DR rounded out the night with a more low-key performance, which at that point was welcome due to the slightly steamy nature of the venue after all that surf-rock dancing earlier in the evening.

Basically, the local acts of the Isthmus region have a lot to offer if you take the time to seek them out. Mine, All Mine! Records is playing host to several more events with your latest local legends in the MAM/DF Series of concerts at the Dragonfly Lounge. Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you know what they'll be showing next! Word on the street is they've got 22 shows coming up in July...

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